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General Terms and Conditions – Contact Details

1. It is important that you check and confirm that you’re booking confirmation details are true, correct, complete and accurate, including all inventory, access and contact details. All updated information must be rendered in writing. Updated information will not be accepted via telephone correspondence.

YOU will be responsible for any delays as a result of inaccurate information, and you must be contactable at all times on the phone numbers you provide, or by email. Delays due to inaccurate information and non-contactability may incur additional charges, as set by P.K. Removals. Any additional items collected upon uplift, and not agreed to in writing prior to collection, will incur additional fees and be charged at the pro-rata rate.


2. It is recommended that you obtain all risk type insurance cover for your goods prior to your relocation. This can be provided by either your current insurance provider or alternatively Carts Removals insurance on www.removalsinsurance.com.au.

P.K. Removals and our contractors are only required to provide standard transit insurance cover for fire, flood, collision and overturning with a $500 excess payable by the customer in the event of any such claim. YOU are therefore fully responsible to obtain an-all risk cover insurance for your goods.

Definitions and interpretations:

  • Words denoting the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa;
  • Words denoting any gender shall include any other genders;
  • Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect or contribute to the interpretation of the terms and conditions contained herein;
  • A reference to a “day” shall mean a calendar day, “month shall mean a calendar month, and a reference to a “year” shall mean a calendar year.
  • “Customer” is hereby the authorised person booking the work to be carried out.
  • “P.K. Removals” includes the successors and assigns of the company and any entity of which it may be amalgamated and any entity formed under its reconstruction.
  • “Booking Agent” is ” P.K. Removals” in its sole performance as a booking agent including but not limited to interstate and long distance transportation services to sub contracted individuals and external companies.
  • The person obtaining the quote and booking the job (customer) is the owner of the goods or has the owner’s permission to be moving their goods and shall be responsible for the booking and payment of the job.
  • Amount quoted whether hourly or fixed rate will be payable in full before completion of unloading of the truck on all short distance moves performed by the “P.K. Removals”, and payable in full upon or prior to uplift on long distance and interstate moves.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned all moving quotes whether local or interstate does not include dismantle or reassemble of beds or any other furniture items. Delays of any nature outside of “P.K. Removals” control including but not limited to settlements, additional pick ups and / or drop offs, additional and non listed items not originally quoted on, and non mentioned and unlisted difficulties with access will incur additional charges at the applicable rate as specified by “P.K. Rmeovals”.
  • Items larger than normal size or inaccurate items selected from the inventory list will incur additional charges at the applicable rate as specified by “P.K. Removals”. Itemized lists are checked upon collection and any additional items taken by “P.K. Removals” will be charged at the pro-rata amount as set out by “P.K. Removals”. The list of additional items will be sent to the office of “P.K. Removals”  where the additional charges will be calculated, and written confirmation of the additional charges will be sent. All correspondence regarding additional charges will only be handled by office staff in writing. Failure to abide by these conditions will authorise and reserve the right for “P.K. Removals” to seize, hold, and where payment is not forthcoming dispose of goods in lieu of payment.
  • Where customer advised volume/cubic meters has been provided, if the overall volume/cubic meters are exceeded on collection of goods, additional charges will apply at the pro-rata rate as set out by  “P.K. Removals”. All volume is calculated on loadable/stackable space. All items are wrapped in furniture pads and blankets which add to the overall volume and customers who provide volume/cubic meters must take these points into account when providing details.
  • The “Customer” and or credit card signatory is hereby responsible for all default of payment legal action / debt recovery costs as well as but not limited to dishonour fees and administration charges at “P.K. Removals” discretion. Deposits paid on jobs are non refundable, if cancelled within 5 (Five) days of collection date. Should sufficient notice to cancel be given in writing, the deposit will be refunded less 25%. Acceptable methods of payment by “P.K. Removals” is by direct credit shown as cleared funds prior to uplift or by Master Card and Visa. A 2% credit card surcharge is applicable on all credit card payments. Please Note: Cheques and payment plans are not accepted as methods of payment.
  • The person signing a credit card authority for or on behalf of the “Customer” personally agrees and accepts liability for the total amount owing if the credit card payment is dishonoured.
  • Should card payment be made over the phone by the customer or their representative to “P.K. Removals”, and no signatures are obtained upon uplift or delivery, due to but not limited to non attendance by the “Customer”, or their representative hereby agrees that the terms and conditions contained herein will enforce such payment and the “Customer” or their representative hereby indemnifies “P.K. Removals” and takes full responsibility for such payment being made.
  • Local and Short distance moves are charged from Gold Coast or Brisbane depot to depot at “P.K. Removals” discretion, and total amounts payable are rounded up to the closest 15 minute interval and $5.00 denomination. Any goods kept in trucks overnight are kept at the customers own risk, expense and responsibility.
  • Only authorised “P.K. Removals” contractors are to drive, passenger, load and unload the trucks. Failure to abide by this condition could void any insurance taken out by the customer on damaged goods, as well as void any insurances or warranties if any by “P.K. Removals”.
  • The “Customer” hereby understands that the only insurance provided by “P.K. Removals” is standard road transit insurance for fire, flood, collision and overturning with any excess amounts to be paid in full by the “customer”. The “Customer” must organise their own insurances for any additional cover by contacting their current insurance provider or alternatively by going to www.removalsinsurance.com.au , and should the customer choose not to do so, indemnifies “P.K. Removals” and “Booking Agent” from any claims whatsoever including but not limited to accidental damages, negligence, loss of goods and non delivery.
  • The “Customer” hereby acknowledges and agrees that  “P.K. Removals” and “Booking Agent” reserves the right to use external contractors and sub contractors to perform works required by the “Customer”.  “P.K. Removals” shall, at it’s discretion, without notice to the client, subcontract on any terms all or part of the carriage of goods, and as a result of such, the “Customer” indemnifies “P.K. Removals” from any delay, damage or mis-delivery resultant from acts or omissions of the subcontractor, it’s servants, and/or agents.
  • Should any claims arise due to any works carried out by external contract companies, it must be referred directly to the contracted company and not the “Booking Agent”. If the “Customer” signs contracted company paperwork the “Customer” will be bound by such terms and conditions as dictated by the contracted company as well as the terms and conditions contained herein without variance whatsoever.
  • Goods are accepted by “P.k. Removals” on the condition that they comply with the requirements of any applicable law relating to the nature, condition and packaging and transport of the goods, and without limitation reserves the right to refuse goods, whole or part thereof for handling and or transportation. This includes, but is not limited to dangerous goods, food products, plant matter and firearms/explosives.
  • The method, route and time by which the work or services, under which this contract are performed shall be at the absolute discretion of “P.K. Removals”. The “Customer” shall provide an authorised representative who will be responsible for ensuring that the correct goods are loaded and whether or not such a representative is provided the “Customer” shall pay all additional charges whatsoever resulting from the movement of incorrect goods or non movement of goods that the “Customer” intended to have moved.
  • “P.K. Removals” can not be held liable or responsible for delays of any nature and the “Customer” hereby acknowledges at the time of booking that no guarantees are made in relation to collection, delivery dates and times as the “Booking Agent” for long distance and interstate moves.
  • The “Customer” acknowledges and accepts without limitation that any time or date advised by “P.K. Removals” to the “Customer” pertaining to the uplift and/or delivery of any goods or the provision of any service are indicative only and hence are not guaranteed to be met. In the case where pre-advised times or dates cannot in “P.K. Removals” view be reasonably met, “P.K. Removals” reserves the right at any stage to alter the time or date to another time or date that in “P.K. Removals” view is reasonably practicable.
  • If there is no one in attendance at the place for the collection or delivery of the goods “P.K. Removals” shall be entitled at its discretion to leave the goods at that place or to return at a later time until collection or delivery is affected, storing the goods at any convenient place in the mean time, and the “Customer” agrees to pay any additional charges incurred thereby to “P.K. Removals” for any storage and/or re-delivery.