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Gold Coast Removals to Interstate Locations

If for some unknown reason you find you have to leave the Gold Coast P.K. Removals will make your interstate problem free & as inexpensive as possible.

PK Removals has a large network of Removalist companies we deal with every day. Because we deal with these companies, all the time, we know:

  • Which ones can be trusted;
  • The companies that deliver in a timely manner;
  • Which companies are bad news.

We book Interstate work move every day. That means we will:

  • Get you the best rates;
  • Make sure your precious items are moved by a reputable company
  • Work with the interstate removalist to make sure the job gets done on time.

Our ‘booking power’ allows us to pass the savings on to you. If, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, we are there to help you every step of the way. we know the people we know the companies & we know how to get things done.

Having a local removalist like PK Removals coordinating your next move will streamline the move & de-stress everything so you can simply get on with moving into your new home, whilst your belongings do the same.

  • PK Removals knows the Gold Coast,
  • We know which Interstate companies are reliable,
  • You have a local contact and not some call centre operator 1000km away

When inevitably you need to make last minute changes we are right here where you need us.

Ph: (07) 5572 9808

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PK Removals for all your Gold Coast & Interstate Moves.

Avoid The Back Loading Traps.

Deal with a local company so you have a local point of contact!

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Backloading Rates

People move all around Australia every day of the week. Back loading is one way you can save yourself a lot of money on your next Interstate move. Because people move to the Gold Coast every Trucks arrive full but have to leave empty. If you have time on your side you can take advantage of the huge savings that can be made if you can negotiate a good ‘backloading rate.’ At Pk Removals we can take away all the worry normally associated with Back Loading:

  • Will it be delivered on time?
  • How do I store my belongings before and after the move?
  • Which Interstate companies are reliable?

Backloading rates do change depending on how many companies are looking for loads. As PK Removals is booking Back Loads every day many companies simply ring us to see if we have anyone ready to move.  the number of trucks available during the time frame you need to move. If you have time on your side & want to take advantage of great back loading rates then please contact PK Removals. We will be only too happy to help.

We can pack, store and move your precious possessions to wherever you need to go. Contact us today to find out more and to receive and obligation-free quote.
Ph: (07) 5572 9808