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In a Rush?

Moving is Stressful. Why stress? Get the Best Gold Coast Movers in. Pick the package you need & leave the rest to Sally & her Team at PK Removals.

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Pick & Go Plans.

One fixed flat rate.

1 Bedroom or Studio.

All inclusive $509
  • 1 bedroom unit / studio
  • Packing materials ready for you to collect.
  • Includes 10 standard cartons / 5 book cartons / 1 tape / ½ paper.
  • 32m3 fully equipped truck
  • Two Professional Removalists

Gold Coast Area:

  • All inclusive $509

2 Bedroom or Studio.

From $522
  • 2 bedroom unit.
  • Packing materials ready to collect.
  • Includes 15 standard cartons / 8 book cartons/1 x tape/1 x paper.
  • Two removalists
  • 32m3 Fully Equipped Truck

Gold Coast Area:

  • All inclusive $608
  • Without packing materials $522

3 Bedroom Home or Unit.

From $752
  • 3 bedroom home/unit.
  • Packing materials delivered Free to Your Door.
  • Includes 20 Standard cartons / 15 Book cartons / 2 tape / 1 ream of paper.
  • Two removalists.
  • 32m³ or 65m³ fully equipped truck.

Gold Coast Area:

  • All inclusive$820
  • Without packing materials: $752

Big Home Package.

All Inclusive $2077
  • 4 Bedroom Home Plus.
  • Three or Four Professional Removalists.
  • 65m³ Truck.
  • Packing materials ready for you to collect. Includes:
    • 40 Standard cartons;
    • 25 Book cartons;
    • 3 Tape Rolls;
    • 1.5 Reams of Packing Paper.
  • Furniture disassembly.
  • Furniture reassembly

Gold Coast Area:

  • All inclusive $2,077

Platinum Pack for Busy People.

From $2711

Don’t lift a finger! Leave everything to us. Packing, Unpacking & Moving. We can even arrange the cleaners for you. Here’s an example of what is included. We offer this service for any size move. So if work is more important then moving we have you covered.

  • Big Home Plus
  • FREE delivery of packing materials. Includes:
    • 50 Standard cartons;
    • 30 Book cartons;
    • 4 tape rolls;
    • 2 reams of packing paper.
  • Pack & Unpack service.
  • Four Removalists.
  • 65m³ Truck.
  • Furniture disassembly.
  • Furniture reassembly.
  • Professional Cleaning service.

Gold Coast Area:

  • All inclusive $4,111.00
  • Without cleaning $3,611
  • Move only $2,711.

Office Moves

Tell Us What You Need?

No one likes moving office. Employees don’t want to come in on a Saturday to help. Get us to do move office for you. Just let us know what services you want:

  • Deliver packing materials?
  • Professional Packers?
  • Furniture disassembly?
  • Furniture reassembly?
  • Professional Cleaning service?

Pick the ones you want. We will give you a free written Quote.

Great Add-on Services

Tell Us What You Need?

Everyone needs something different to make their next move stress free. Just let us know what services you want & we will provide you with a Free Quote

  • Deliver packing materials?
  • Pack & Unpack service?
  • Furniture disassembly?
  • Furniture reassembly?
  • Professional Cleaning service?

Pick the ones you want us to quote.

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Order a Platinum Pack for Any Size Move

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Easy Move Platinum Packages Include Everything!


Give Us your Keys.


We will pack & move you while you are at work.


Unpack for you.


We can even arrange a Cleaner for your old house.


You won't need to lift a finger.


Great Service


25 Years Experience.


Fully Insured.


Professional Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Book?

As soon as your contract goes unconditional or you know for sure you are moving. It doesn’t hurt to book early.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refund to all customers providing you give us 7 days notice prior to your booking.

What are the best days to move?

That really depends on you. Many of our customers just go to work and leave the rest to us. Our Executive packages make it the smartest way to move. They also guarantee you won’t need to stress as our Professional Team knows exactly what to do.

Can I upgrade my Package after Booking?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. We like to know 7 days in advance so we can make sure we have the right staff & the right trucks on hand. If you would like to upgrade just give us a call (Ph: 5572 9808). We’ll organise the rest.

Can You Help me with Storage?

For short or long term storage give the guys at Burleigh Ministore a call (07 5593 5320). Tell them PK Removals sent you and they will give you a nice surprise.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Get In Touch - 07 5572 9808.