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Planning Moving Day

Moving Day Checklist – How to Get Ready for Moving Day.

Download The PDF Moving Checklist Here

Below is a handy moving day checklist. This is not the complete list mind you but it will get you started nicely:

1. Make Sure to Book The REMOVALIST!

Here are some ideas which can be helpful when you’re packing:

  • Buy some small-sized cardboard boxes (if you need boxes then call us we have plenty (07 5572 9808).
  • Wardrobe box with colorful clothing, ready for movingGenerally use 2 sizes:
    • ‘Tea Chest’ size for lighter items;
    • Small for heavy items e.g. books.
    • Port-a-robes for your clothing, these are complimentary
  • Consider using plastic storage tubs. They’re easy to see into & they are waterproof.
  • If you disassemble any furniture, place any screws etc in well labelled sealable bags. Try not to tape them to the item as screws are sharp and they may damage the wood.
  • Remove the plate from your microwave and tape the door shut.
  • Make sure you have the transit bolts put back in your front loading washing machine (some top loaders also need transit bolts).
  • Pack your frozen foods in some ice in an esky for the move.
  • Pack sharp tools with plenty of padding.
  • Tape butcher’s paper over shiny surfaces to help protect them against scratches. Don’t use newspaper as the ink can leave marks.
  • Tighten the lids on jars and bottles as you pack them, so they don’t come loose during the move.
  • Books are heavy, so spread them around amongst the boxes. They’ll also help fill up small spaces.
  • Move all packed boxes to a room close to the door for easy pick up.
  • Put a heavy duty rubbish bag around pot plants to prevent water or soil getting loose during the move
  • Label each box so you know what is in each one.
  • Also label which room each box is to go into. That way the right boxers end up in the right rooms.

Count down to Moving Day

Approximately 4 Weeks to moving day:

  • gold coast removalStart packing the things you don’t need often.
  • Ring us on ph 07 5572 9808 if you need to order boxes.
  • Don’t foget to buy some tape and marking pens to seal and label the contents of your boxes.
  • Set a firm date for moving.
  • Book a removalist.
  • Double check that your larger appliances & items of furniture will fit in your new home.
  • Organise a Garage Sale & Clean up. No point moving unwanted items.
  • Begin using frozen & canned foods.
  • Keep a list of incoming mail.
  • Update your address and notify people from your businesses, colleagues and suppliers of your intended change of address.

2 Weeks ahead

  • Removal PackingKeep packing!
  • Keep a list of everything you’re packing and store it with your valuables.
  • List all the essential things you’ll need on moving day (e.g. car keys & keys to your new home).
  • Contact the Power & Phone companies you will need at your new place.
  • Complete your Australia Post Redirection Service application.
  • Check your insurance to make sure you have a ‘Cover note’ on the new property & also that you are covered for moving.

Last Days

  • Hopefully you’ve packed just about everything!
  • Collect anything outstanding, such as lay-bys, dry-cleaning, shoe repairs etc
  • Cancel local arrangements such as lawn mowing service, newspaper delivery etc
  • Return things like library books, videos etc.
  • Have a final clean-out to get rid of out-of-date cleaning products and inflammables from under the kitchen sink and in the garage.
  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer

On Moving Day

  • PackingYou should be just about organised by now!!
  • It is a good idea to carry some smaller items & essential things (kettle, esky with bread & milk etc to make something on the go when you arrive).
  • Most importantly, make sure you carry valuables, personal effects and important papers with you, so they don’t go astray.
  • Check that nothing has been left behind.
  • Turn off the gas at the meter and the electricity at the switchboard.
  • Lock all doors before you leave.
  • Drop your keys off to the agent.