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One That does it all!  Pack, Move and Unpack  for YOU!!

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P.K. Removals has the complete package. Pack, Move & Unpack 

Moving house or office can be quite daunting for many people.
So How Can P.K. Removals, Removalists Gold Coast save you money?
Most people …
  • Underestimate the time they need to get the job done
  • Underestimate how many boxes they need
  • Pack too much into some boxes and not enough into others
  • Break their possessions because they do not have the right packing materials to wrap and protect their special items
  • Take days off work or use up holidays to get the job done (what is your time worth per hour)

P.K. Removals to the rescue!

Our female pre-packers are all experienced and Police checked.  They  take care when handling your fragile, special items.
  • all of your small items are carefully packed
  • all of the boxes supplied
  • wardrobe boxes that simply allow you to ‘lift and hang’ so there is no packing and unpacking are supplied
  • as the packing is complete before the Truck arrives there is no waiting around
  • at the new home the boxes go straight to the right room and are immediately unpacked

D.I.Y. Packing Materials

We have all the packing materials you require for a D.I.Y.

  • Cartons
  • Packing Tape
  • Port-a-Robes( for your clothes)
  • Bubble Wrap (to protect your valuable items)
  • Plastics (for your soft furnishings)
It doesn’t matter what you need  P.K. Removals are sure to have the right materials for your next move.

 Peter and Sally from P.K. Removals are waiting for your call:

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